Passive Infrastructure

Infinite Fusion Technologies provides communications infrastructure through fiber optic and copper cabling. Our range of cabling products vary from Cat5e to Cat6A for copper; and from OM1 to OM3, Single-Mode to Multi-Mode for fiber optic, with all types of fibre connectors (mainly LC, SC, FC and ST). Outdoor cabling is also available. Nowadays, Infinite Fusion Technologies can also provide part of the first fix on a construction site or a refurbishment site, for works such as cable trays, cable baskets, trunking, conduits, wall penetrations, and more.Best Practices for Terminating Cabling. Although the process of terminating data copper cabling may seem to be relatively simple, the issues involved with properly creating robust connections for today’s high performance LANs can be particularly challenging. Performing cutting, stripping, and terminating operations right the first time and avoiding the need for expensive follow-up troubleshooting can mean the difference.As fiber optic cabling becomes an increasingly important aspect of local area network (LAN) communications infrastructures, LAN installers have to be well schooled in the fundamentals of terminating fiber and installing fiber connectors. In fiber network installations, workmanship is critical to achieve acceptable results. Even a small imperfection or microscopic dirt on the face of the fiber can create significant problems, which can cause the link to fail. All cabling works can be certified with testing devices so that client can verify that the cabling is in perfect condition. Data Cabinets, patch leads and all network accessories are available from stock.