Our Services

Our Areas of Expertise

Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd is an IT Solution Provider that can build or integrate any IT solution with the business needs. Our portfolio includes Consultancy, Outsourcing, Surveillance, Telephony, Networks, Video Conferencing, Automation, Access Control, Servers & Storage. In the year 2016, IFT created a new section meant to accommodate new projects. Due to this change that we have made, network infrastructural projects are now a part of the company’s portfolio.

Passive Infrastructure

Infinite Fusion Technologies provides communications infrastructure through fibre optic and copper cabling. Our range of cabling…

IT Design & Consultancy

Our team of highly qualified, knowledgeable consultants can help you get more value from your IT, ranging from expert advice…

IT Outsourcing

We can provide different types of IT outsourcing and support to existing and new clients depending on the specific needs.


Our network based video surveillance provides high resolution and better reliability compared to traditional video surveillance.

VOIP & PBX Solutions

At the heart of every business phone system is the PBX which connects the company’s telephones to each other and to the public telephone network.

Wired & Wireless

Our solutions are based upon sophisticated technology platforms provided by the world’s leaders specialists in wireless and telemetry…

Video Conferencing

Companies that have engaged Infinite Fusion video conferencing solution range in size from small non-profits to enterprise companies and everything…

Home Automation

With a unique perspective on home automation, we are ready to help you meet even the most challenging of automation projects.

Access Control

Infinite Fusion Technologies’s Access Control systems are a flexible and scalable solutions offering you a perfect fit for your organisation regardless of its size and risk.

Server & Storage

Infinite Fusion Technologies can provide servers, storage solutions, server rooms and data center setups including all the required products and services

Why Choose Us

  • We work hard to achieve our goals
  • We don’t close a sale, we open a relationship
  • We seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • We are flexible to customer requirements and budgets
  • Our simplicity is a prerequisite for our reliability

What Client’s Say

  • Infinite Fusion is knowledgeable in networking and related fields and the task of penetration testing was thoroughly done and to satisfactory level. It was easy to work hand-in-hand with Infinite Fusion in order to finish the task. The recommended solutions were cost effective and correctly sized to our needs.

    Elliot Cassar, Corporate IT Manager
  • Given the success of the WiFi project, consistent support services and reasonable pricing, Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd. have been awarded other network projects, all of which have been carried out successfully.

    Franz Brincat, IT Manager
  • IFT have been hired to carry out IT System Reviews and Penetration Testing. They did an excellent job in identifying vulnerabilities which proved to be a threat to the company. The job was done on time, efficiently and customized to the company’s requirements.

    Tonio Farrugia, Systems Administrator
  • …the company engaged Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd to provide a VOIP System which I was very impressed in which detail they have entered and what features the system was able to do.

    Pierre M. Camilleri, ICT Systems Engineer
  • Infinite Fusion today is our preferred choice for complex networking configuration, network security, penetration testing, and auditing.

    Michael, Gauci, Senior Manager
  • “Infinite Fusion is a highly dedicated and professional partner for IT services. Engaging them for design and architecture has been key for us in developing new businesses. It’s my pleasure to recommend them as a service provider and partner”

    Robert, Malmenbratt, Sr. Manager Global Infrastructure